Islam must be reformed

We should ask ourselves the following critical question:  Why is Islam currently the only major religion that generates terrorism?  Here is the answer:  Unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam has no reforming mechanism to abandon the anachronistic texts in its scriptures, which are incompatible with our moral values.

In order to deserve respect and acceptance in our society, and be treated as equal among the world’s great religions, Islam must be reformed for the sake of all humanity, including peace-loving Muslims.  There are texts contained in the Koran, which, despite moderate preaching in some mosques and some token expressions of condemnation from a few Imams, continue to feed Islamic extremism and terrorism.  The law shall require that these texts be purged from the active scriptures used for sermons. The Muslim communities must show genuine desire to live in the 21st century, by leaving behind the middle age dogma.  This is the only way radical Islamists will be marginalized and will lose moral and financial support.

We must request our Government to ask all Muslim institutions to take immediate and effective steps towards achieving this reform.  Legislation such as the anti-hate propaganda provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code C-46, shall be reinforced and used as legal means to facilitate and implement this process. The reform of Islam should reveal how sincere are the Muslim communities, including clerics, in combating Islamism.  Sincere rejections, or lip service, condemning terrorism have not, and will not, stop it.  The Muslim communities must take concrete steps by reforming their religious and ideological foundations.

If you are concerned about this matter, forward this letter to your friends, relatives, Muslim acquaintances and your Member of Parliament.

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