How to stop Islamization

A court class action, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, against the Government of Canada for not fulfilling its obligation to protect and preserve Canadian society, by not taking necessary action, or by taking the wrong action. 
The Complainants:  Individuals and organizations who oppose the Islamization of Canadian society.
The Defendant: Government of Canada
Cause of Action:
1. Restrictions on freedom of opinion, expression and speech, specifically on freedom to criticize and expose Islamization.  Example: Bill M-103 to fight Islamophobia.  Instead of paying attention to the voices opposed to Islamization, the Government is proposing to silence them.
2. Failure of the Government to preserve and protect the Canadian identity and values, by refusing to recognize and stop the process of Islamization of Canadian society.  By turning a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence that Islam is a totalitarian ideology with a religious veil, the Government has been driven by political correctness, and has thus facilitated the Islamization process.  Example: Allowing Muslim prayer rooms in schools is one manifestation of the erosion of secular western society.

3. Failure of the Government to protect the safety of all citizens, by ignoring the existentialist threat of Islamization, which has increased the incidence of terrorist acts and antisemitism.  Example:  The rise in anti-Semitic acts in Canada is largely due to the radicalization of Muslims, who are inspired by the hatred against Jews contained in the Muslim scriptures.

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